Here at bangbros, we are constantly casting girls for your enjoyment. The casting process is the way we find beautiful girls and weed out the "no so hot" girls. That is a pretty simple explanation, so dont try to start some casting operation in your moms basement and blame me when you get a face full of pepper spray. I digress. In the castings, we learn about the girl and her background, we explain what its like to shoot for us and most importantly we get her naked so we can decide which site she is going on. You will learn a lot about your favorite girls in the castings, because they are nervous and open. It's almost like a naked job interview, where they tell us they like anal and love to swallow. In the final step of the casting, Bangbros Jordan then asks them out for a nice steak dinner, if they reject his advance, they have passed the psychological part of the test and are ready to shoot.