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I cant believe I found this toe right in my Backyard. Preston and I were looking for a new condo to check the scene out and across came mackenzie and all her glory. I have to admit the first thing I noticed was her fuck me pants that would put daisy duke to shame, flaunting the most perfect camel toe I've seen in in ages. Never missing a beat my boy Preston dives right in with an invite to come upstairs and hang with us in the new pad. Upstairs ,mackenzie showed off her cameltoe in a few pairs of panties , undies and underwear. Once we couldn't stand waiting to crack that camel toe open any longer ,she swallowed the cock. cocksucker pro ho. This girl obviously loves to suck dick. Then after a serious 6 min. blowjob ,you know our boy fucked that pussy hard ,in several positions. Do you think after all that we shot cum on her face? cum on... our midlle name is facial cum shot!!
Website: Mr CamelToe
Cast: Mackenzie Childs,
Tags: amateur

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