First Timers Briefing

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So it is Mia's first time filming so I sent for her from the showers so I can get a feel for how she is going to do and what she is like. When she arrives in a towel I let her get dressed and we start talking about likes and don't likes. Just two sentences into the conversation she starts flirting with me. So I start testing the waters like after she tells me she can suck a mean cock I tell her to show me and she sucks on my fingures, which was very nice I might add. Then she brags a little about her tight pussy and again I ask her to prove it and she spreads eagle on my desk finguring herself. Feeling the presure to follow threw with all this flirting I tell her I could really use a blowjob and low and behold she pulls down my pants jumping right into an amaizing blow job I am not sure if I have said this before but I love my job.
Website: Bangbros Clips
Cast: Mia Saharah

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