Lucky Day in Vegas

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I was taking a break during the Adult Video Shows in Vegas with Sara Jay and my friend Rosenberg from Europe. So we are up in Sara's room with her roommate/best friend, when Sara and Robert start messing around like the pervs they are. So being that I am always working I grabbed Sara's Personal camcorder and let it roll. Sara shacks her as for my boy and offers him a bj which he obviously excepts and all a while Sara's friend who is not in the bizz is text messaging her friends not even ten feet away like there isn't a care in the world so I ask her if she would be interested in giving her girl a hand with the offer of a few hundred bucks for me to keep the tape and let Rosenberg finger her asshole. Lucky for us she throws caution to the wind and joins in the fun. While in the moment these girls let it all hang out rimming, cocksucking, and cum swapping who could ask for more.

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