A visit from Angel Valentine

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Working at Bangbros has its perks I am an assistant to one of the Chiefs here so every one knows me but I really don't usually have much pull around here but I am liked,soooo I found out that Angel Valentine was shooting for us. So I called production and asked them to send her up after her shoots, So I can see her in person (after waking off to many of her videos already) and try to work out a shoot in my office. Anywho after waiting all-day for a result she finally showed up and sexier than I expected she agreed to letting me tape our encounter and was very open I expressed my interest in her body and she takes her cloths off exposing some wonderful titties and a plump ass. I mention her Pussy and there it is in my face . So working out a sex scene turned out to be just a request away. So I asked and she agreed being a office shmoe this blow me alway so I had one our tested studs fuck her six ways to sunday all over our CEO's office hehehe I hope I don't get fired. So this is my directing debut I hope you like.

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