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A strange woman picked me up along the beach today. It was surprising the way she just glaced at me for a few seconds and it was enough to lure me to her.Her name was Tiffany. Tiffany suggested I follow her to her apartment along on the strecth, how could I refuse. She lead to her place and when we entered she softly told me to remove my clothes and lay on the floor. I did as she commanded and took everything off. Laying down on the floor as she enters the room naked. Tiffany watched me and then she began to come toward my cock. She straddled it between her legs and rode me. She rode me gently at first, then slowly she began to move at a faster pace. We fucked rythmicaly back and forth fast and hard, I was becoming sensitive to her touch and was beginning to build the cum that was going to plan to bust in her mouth, when she suddenly pushed me off and told me to go home...It was the worst case of blue balls I've ever had. I never saw Tiffany again after that but i know that the next time I see her I'm not letting her go until I cum into that pretty mouth of hers.
Website: Bangbros Clips
Cast: Tiffany

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